Are you desperately trying to avoid a divorce that you do not want? Do you want the happy times back? If you are trying to turn your marriage around and step back from the brink of divorce, realize that you have a powerful "secret" weapon on your side.

There are any number of things that can make your marriage less than it used to be. Some things are terrible events. Violent fights and spousal unfaithfulness can greatly damage any marriage. But comparatively minor circumstances such as simply growing apart can be almost as bad.

The decision as to whether or not your marriage is worth saving is one that can only be made by you. If you decide that you really want to save your marriage and avoid a tragic divorce, you need to take timely action. It must be your first priority. It needs to come before all your other cares. You can turn things around with the help of the special weapon I about to tell you about.

Any ideas as to what that secret weapon is? It' is the fact that you and your spouse were once happy. <b> You know how to make each other happy. You have done it before!</b> You are not trying to do anything you haven't accomplished in the past. Spend some quite time alone and dwell on all the little things you used to do for each other that made life amazing.

I'm talking about emotional things - caring things - thoughtful things. Start doing more and more of them. Be persistent. Even if you are the only one participating at the moment., it  probably will not be long before your mate picks up the hint and begins to act likewise. Give this powerful secret weapon a try and keep it handy for the rest of your long and happy marriage.