I really didn't know what to do after breaking up with my girlfriend after a serious fight. I guess I just sort of assumed things would workout without any real planning and effort on my part. Looking back now  - I realize how foolish that was.Getting back my girlfriend was going to take some planning.

I mean if you think about it, we all have game plans in many other areas of our lives that are much less important than the most important relationship in our lives. Once you think about it, it seems rather obvious that we should do a bit of planning in an area that's this important.

I guess that most of us just react to the situations we find ourselves in. In fact, I really couldn't even tell you why we were fussing that night. It was just an emotional war of words. But I can remember the empty feeling in the pit of my stomach that night. I can remember feeling confused and frustrated.

After the smoke had cleared, you can bet I was trying everything I knew to make up and get back together with my girl. You know...trying to call her up....leaving text messages and e-mails.

But this time those simple ploys were not working. They were just causing her to feel pressured and pushed into a corner. I was just making her mad all over again. Soon, even I realized that I was simply making the situation a lot worse. I knew I wasn't going to win back my ex this way.

Of course, I know now that I was just reacting - like we all do - without any sort of well thought out game plan. My human nature was dictating all my wrong moves. It was not working in my favor. It was making me look a lot less desirable to the only one that mattered at that time!

I would never win here back if I continued down this path! I had to learn to change my approach. I had to learn some pretty simple and straight forward step that would radically change the way she felt about me. I had to learn how to harness the forces of human nature. I had to learn how I could use this powerful force to help me get back my girlfriend.

It was pretty simple, really. Soon I was able to turn the tide. I was able to get back together with my girlfriend by following these steps. If you are now trying to get back with your ex, why don't you learn these powerful steps and let human nature work for you. You can get her back and rekindle your romance just like I did!