How Can I Get Back My Ex? - I Failed Until I Learned The Simple Steps That Won Her Back

At one point in my life, all I cared about was getting back my ex.

The feelings of loneliness and pain drove me day and night. I

could not think clearly during the day or sleep well at night. The

desperation I was in led me to push her farther away with my

well intentioned efforts to talk things out.

Really we broke up over nothing. A silly argument and some

hurt feelings. I should not have developed into the crisis it

became. The break up seemed to take on a life of it's own. I

would try to call. She would not answer or hang up. My constant

e-mails were ignored. I heard from friends that she was feeling


As my world was spinning out of contol, I begin to fear that it

was really over forever. I had tried everything I knew and

nothing was helping. How were other couples able to get back

together, I wondered. I knew of couples that were now happily

back together after going through some terrible stuff.

On the other hand, I knew all to well of couples that had stayed

split over minor spats like ours. What made the difference

between getting back together and staying apart?

I learned that those couples that managed to get back together

tended to take the same or similar steps along the pathway to

reconciliation. There was a pathway that had proven itself over

and over again that led to couples getting happily back together.

And this was true even when only one partner was trying!

I studied these simple steps and applied them to my situation.

They were very powerful and helped me get back my ex. If you

are going through the pain and frustration of a break up, you

owe it to yourself to learn all you can about these steps. Put

them to use and you may be on the pathway to getting back with

your ex.